Why Baby Bouquets Are the Ultimate Newborn Gift

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When buying gifts for the people we care about, we face a delicate balancing act. What will be special, thoughtful and suitable? How will we respect the feelings of the recipient? How can we get something both precious and affordable? This balancing act can be particularly challenging with regard to new parents. New parents are often inundated with large numbers of gifts from well-meaning family members, friends and colleagues. We’ve all been to houses where every surface in the house seems to be packed with greeting cards, flowers, and gifts of all sorts. So, what can we give to new parents that will really stand out among all the gifts they receive? The answer is simple: a baby bouquet.


Here’s why…



Baby Bouquets Look Amazing

Baby bouquets are a very special mix of flowers and baby clothes, toys and other items arranged in the shape of a bouquet of flowers. Baby bouquets are really quite a clever concept, as they not only feature a variety of products but combined with gorgeous packaging make an instant visual impact. Baby bouquets often come in beautiful boxes, meaning that they stand out from the moment they arrive in a house. Upon opening the box, there will be surprise and delight as what looks like a gorgeous bouquet of flowers is found to contain a myriad of useful and adorable items. What more could anyone ask for?


Baby Bouquets are Highly Practical

Baby bouquets are not only visually appealing but offer a huge range of items that the new parents will be needing. For example, in one model of the Little Blooms Baby Bouquet you can expect to receive a rattle, hat, bodysuit, mitts, bib, cloth and a pair of booties. While new parents will doubtless have prepared well for their new arrival, these items are sure to be welcomed, especially when they are both adorable and high quality. Offering a fantastic 8 in 1 experience, baby bouquets are not simply eye-catching, they are highly practical.


Need Some Inspiration? We’ll Let You In On A Secret

While there are doubtless many different options of baby bouquets on the market, here at Little Blooms Baby Gifts we believe we have found the best combination of style and practicality you can find anywhere. Want a huge range of items included in your bouquet? We can help. Want next day delivery to make sure your gift arrives just at the right time? No problem. Want an adorable dinosaur pattern in 3 different colour options? Well, of course!


But there’s something even more special that is uniquely ours: we are the only baby bouquet company in the UK that uses real flowers in our baby bouquet. We have discovered a way to make our real flowers maintain their beautiful looks for as long as you need them to. So when you buy a Little Blooms Baby Gifts baby bouquet, you are actually buying a real bouquet of flowers seamlessly blended with a range of fantastic baby items. We won’t elaborate on the fact that our baby clothes are made from luscious organic cotton or that we can enclose personalised gift messages…that’s for another time…


So when buying your next newborn gift, don’t just go for something that will stay amidst the crowd of gifts on the sideboard. For a gift that’s truly winning, it’s got to be a baby bouquet.