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Thinking of the right gifts to buy can be a real challenge. How many purses, ties or scarves have you been given over the years? Yet when expecting mums welcome a new life into the world, there’s a huge number of things they will be needing and other things that they just appreciate having. And some of the things they will love, they don’t even know about. So when giving a new mum a present, there’s no need to go for bog standard. New mums are often deluged with gifts for the baby, but not for themselves, so a well thought out gift for the hard-working mum is going to be highly appreciated. What should you get? Here at Little Blooms Baby Gifts gifting is our speciality, so prepare yourself for some amazing suggestions.

1. Freezable meals or takeaway vouchers.

A top item on lists of new mums’ best loved gifts, ready meals and takeaway vouchers are a guaranteed hit. Looking after a newborn baby requires so much energy, and juggling everything else with cooking can be a real challenge. Quality ready meals or vouchers from companies like Deliveroo are just what’s needed for the new parents to have a little recharge.

2. Chilly’s Flask

Perfect for taking around the house, the latest Chilly’s flasks can keep hot drinks hot for an amazing 12 hours and feature extra anti-microbial protection. Breastfeeding means it’s easy to get dehydrated, but new mums appreciate having a flask on hand to keep them going. Chilly’s also let you choose from loads of funky designs. Sorted!

3. Luxury Skincare Set

When you’re a new mum managing to get a shower in is a huge achievement so a 10-step skincare routine is probably not very realistic. But with the right skincare set, new mums can enjoy a little bit of luxury and look after their skin, without spending too much time. Neal’s Yard Remedies has a great Mother and Baby Collection offering a variety of creams, oils and balms designed with mums and babies in mind. 

4. Audible Subscription

Highly rated by new mums, an Audible Gift subscription is the perfect distraction when she’s facing long hours of feeding. Audible now has more than 200,000 audiobooks of all genres, so whether she’s after something light-hearted during the day, or something soothing at night, Audible has it all.

5. Herbal Tea Selection

Breast-feeding mums are likely to be avoiding high caffeine drinks but herbal teas are the perfect alernative. Whittard offer a beautiful selection of 8 different teas, including fruit and mint tea, so she’s certain to find a blend she loves.

6. Pure Silk Sleep Mask

New mums are going to have their sleep interrupted a lot so a sleep mask will be very helpful. Instant darkness is the best sleep remedy around and there’s no material quite like silk for it’s wonderful smooth texture and intense softness. A Slip Silk Sleep Mask is beautifully packaged and made of the finest silk, she is going to love it!

7. Baby Hand and Foot Inkless Print Kit

Babies really do grow so fast and when the children are bigger it’s hard to imagine just how small they used to be. This inkless kit produces an adorable artwork, a memento that any new parents will surely treasure. Inexpensive but priceless.

8. Luxury Chocolate Box

Being a new mum is not an easy job. Sleepless nights and daytimes working to support another little human requires lots of energy. It’s nice to have a little bit of indulgence, and a sugar hit now and then is not going to be bad at all. If you really want to push the boat out, the best chocolate selection ever has to be Hotel Chocolat’s ‘The Large Chocolatier’s Table’ featuring a colossal 1.3kg of luxury chocolates. Even the most sugar deprived new mum is going to need time to finish one of those off…

9. Personalised Gift Hamper

Gift hampers are definitely the in-thing right now, perhaps because of how incredibly versatile they are. If you know the recipient well, thinking of specific small gifts that you know she’ll love could be the best gift ever. Creams, bath salts, chocolates, baby toys, accessories and more can all be added to the hamper. Truly a dream come true!

10. Baby Clothes Gift Set

Many mums say that the gifts they appreciate the most are the most useful ones. With baby clothes gift sets that include rompers, mitts, dino claws, booties, bibs and rattles, the Little Blooms Baby Gifts sets are the perfect gift if you’re looking for something that is both useful and stunning. Elegantly packaged, and with clothes made from pure organic cotton, this is one gift that is sure to delight.