5 Ways to Make Productive Use of Baby Sleeping Time (And Not Feel More Tired!)

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Having a baby, and in particular, when you have a newborn, getting things done can be so challenging. We all envision ourselves managing perfectly well, in a wonderfully clean house, cooking restaurant quality meals with a sleeping baby nearby, but the reality is often quite different. But there are a few magical times every day when we can catch our breath and get things done. When are those times? When baby is napping. Today we share some tips on how to make productive use of baby sleeping time, focusing particularly on how to feel less tired.

Do a mini tidy-up

Maintaining both a home and one or more young children often makes having a cleaning routine really hard. One particular challenge is trying to keep things tidy when your baby or child is awake, the rate at which babies create mess can be quite phenomenal! Instead of trying to clean while the devastation is still in progress, why not wait until your baby is sleeping? This is often (by far) the most efficient time to get the cleaning done or just do a little tidying. And once you’ve done some tidying or cleaning, you’ll feel the relief that comes from living in a (slightly) cleaner house.

Prepare a meal

We all know that cooking takes longer when babies are awake so using those baby naps to prepare a wholesome meal is a great idea. Many new mums find their diet suffers when they have a baby, as meals are often eaten standing up or while cuddling a sleeping child. When you get a minute, try to plan a couple of meals in advance and have some basic, healthy ingredients in. Having a nice, healthy meal while baby is sleeping is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and get you through whatever the next few hours will bring.

Have a soak

This is a wonderful way to make use of baby nap times. Run a bath, put in some bubbles, and give your body some attention. Bath-time with baby can be very fun, but you also need a bit of care. Lots of new parents enjoy a long, relaxing bath, and there’s no need to feel guilty about having a bit of rest and relaxation: a refreshing bath or shower will boost your productivity.

Do a little workout

We all know how important it is to our health that we exercise properly but with a new baby, even the strictest of exercise regimes can be disrupted. But that doesn’t mean that you must give up on all forms of exercise. If you are a new mum, make sure your body has been given enough time to heal after baby delivery before doing any intense exercise. Apps such as Nike Training offer short, free workouts, some as short as 5 minutes. Doing a workout may not sound like a great idea when you’re already feeling tired, but many parents agree that doing a workout can be just what your body needs, while providing you with a great energy boost.

Have a nap

Surely one of the most productive ways to spend a baby nap: have a baby nap yourself! Perhaps it’s not exactly what you had in mind when you looked up productive things to do while your baby is napping, but power naps of ten or twenty minutes are proven to give you more energy and improve productivity. If you’re feeling exhausted, power naps can also help you feel more positive about your health, and deal with situations in a more balanced way. Just be careful not to sleep for too long, as long naps where you end in a deep sleep before being suddenly roused can make you feel worse.


So there we have it, five great ways to spend those magical times throughout the day when your little one is asleep. Remember, productivity isn’t just about work. It’s about making yourself feel ready for whatever the day brings. So, by all means, do the cleaning, cook a meal, do your secular work, but whatever you choose, don’t forget that you need a little bit of rest and relaxation too.