How can I help siblings to get along?

Question: How can I help siblings to get along? Answer: Children need enough one-on-one attention from parents. Be conscious of the fact that your baby, or youngest child, will likely demand much more of your attention. Read to each of your children and play with them individually. Instead of simply judging who is wrong on…

When should I teach my child about colours?

Infants seem to respond to being taught about colours best from about 18 months onward. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start helping them become familiar with colours before then. While babies may not be able to verbally express their understanding of colours early on, some gentle learning can enhance their colour differentiation skills.

Should I read to my baby?

Yes! Babies of all ages benefit from being read to. Expressive reading will help your baby develop emotions and thought patterns. As they pick up language skills, they will also have a far wider vocabulary of words to choose from, which will benefit them throughout their life. Hearing the voice of parents or close family reading to them is also soothing for babies and helps to promote close relationships.