The Ultimate Baby Shower Guide 2020 – Part 4: How To Thank Your Guests

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At last the baby shower is finishing and everyone is getting ready to leave. Yet, there is one last thing to remember. After all that the guests have done to make it a special day and no doubt being generous with their gifts, it is considered good etiquette for the mum-to-be to offer a token of gratitude. These party favours, or baby shower favours, will be a small memento for your friends or others who have attended, and provides a personalised and thoughtful way to end the day.

What Makes a Good Baby Shower Favour?

Baby shower favours are generally small and inexpensive trinket type gifts that are designed to show appreciation for all that the guests have done for the mum-to-be. The best baby showers are not the most lavish, but instead the most thoughtful. Applying the same principle to baby shower favours will make sure that your guests leave glowing with gratitude and touched by your sincerity. Consumable items like chocolates and sweets are always popular, especially when themed in blue or pink, or with a message that connects them with the baby shower. However, try also to think of what kind of things your guests will want to hold onto, you want them to remember and treasure this day just as you will. Websites like Etsy have lots of adorable handmade options which you can even personalise with your name and date for added uniqueness.


A Few Suggestions

  • Personalised bath bombs
  • Scented candles (there’s plenty with baby themes, including some really cute ones with lullabies on them)
  • ‘Watch me grow’ small succulent plants
  • Personalised soap
  • Custom seed packets
  • Mint or sweet tins
  • Mini bottles of champagne with ‘ready to pop’ printed on them
  • Macaron boxes
  • Home-made mini cookies (decorate in a way that is personal to you, and wrap them up individually)


There’s plenty of great options online regardless of whether you want to keep things simple, or you want something that no-one else has. Putting a little bit of thought into it will show your friends you appreciate them, and keep them onboard at an important time in your relationship.

One More Thing

Aside from party favours, there is one more thing that it is customary to give to thank your guests. What is it? A thank you note.
It’s always a good idea to send out thank you notes or cards to guests of your baby shower. They will have tried their best to make you feel special, bought you a gift they found specially for you and maybe even helped arrange or fund the event. Send a thank you note to them as soon as is convenient, ideally within a few days of your baby shower. The best thank notes are not written using a template or mass printed, but personal and unique. There are many beautiful note designs and cards you can buy, or you could even make your own. Guests will be especially touched if you mention the specific gift they bought for you and tell them why you are particularly grateful, not always easy, but they will really appreciate it!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this series of articles on baby showers. You can find the three other articles here, here and here. Baby showers are truly special and unique occasions, treasured events that give you memories that last a lifetime. Here at Little Bloom Baby Gifts we wish you success in planning and preparing your events, and every happiness to all our mums-to-be!