The Ultimate Baby Shower Guide 2020 – Part 3: What To Do When Attending A Baby Shower

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As mentioned earlier in this series of articles (check out Part 1 here, and Part 2 here), baby showers are joyful events, especially for the expectant mother. How can you help make the event more special if you are invited to attend? Here’s a few tips:

Check the Invitation Carefully
Before attending, it’s really important to check who is invited. While there is an increasing tend toward more inclusive baby shower events, most baby showers are still female only, and some adult only, so make sure you check beforehand to avoid any awkwardness.

Take a Gift
It is expected that if you are attending a baby shower you take a gift for the mother or baby. While the parents will not be expecting extravagant presents, being thoughtful will help make your present both meaningful and useful. Parents will often be needing lots of things in the run up to the birth of their little one, so it doesn’t hurt to ask if there’s anything in particular you can help with. Most guests bring gifts for the baby, but gifts for the mother could also be well received. Try to think of things which would be cute, but also functional for the little one, or perhaps things which could help the expectant mother feel special after the arrival of the little one.

Keep the Atmosphere Light
Baby showers are happy and light events, so try to keep the conversation as light as possible. Some subjects, such as birth plans or parenting ideas, may be a bit sensitive, so try to avoid these as much as possible. Expectant mothers have a lot on their mind, try to encourage them and remind them how beautiful they are. Keeping the atmosphere light also means going with the flow, participating. If the host has prepared games, then it is courteous to participate, even though they may not be favourite pastime. Remember, this event is all about the expectant mother, so do all you can to make her feel special.

Try Not to Overindulge
Baby showers are not generally a food-focused event so most often there will a relatively simple selection of finger foods provided. This being the case, digging in nonchalantly will be noticeable to the hosts and guests, so try to be restrained in the way (and quantity) you consume. The expectant mother is likely to be abstaining from certain foods in addition to alcohol, so if any of these are on offer, avoid consuming them too conspicuously in front of the guest of honour.