Why read to your baby?

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Many parents enjoy reading to their children. But did you know that reading is extremely beneficial for all ages of babies too? Here are a few reasons why. 

REASON 1 – Emotional and mental development.

Reading aloud is sooooo good for your baby’s brain. While the first time you read them a book they may either fall asleep or try to eat it, introducing concepts of colours, letters and shapes is simply invaluable. More importantly, when you read expressively, your baby will begin to recognise emotions and thought patterns. This will greatly help them to develop emotionally and mentally.

REASON 2 – Helps them in their future career.

Whether that is as a doctor/rocket scientist/world leader. We all have dreams for our children, and we spend much time and money finding good schools, arranging extra activities or whatever is necessary to help them be successful. But if you are a parent with a young baby, probably the best thing you can do right now is find an age appropriate book (more on that another time!) and read a little to them. Reading to your baby is a marathon and not a sprint but with time you will notice how wide your infant’s vocabulary has become and it’ll give them a great start when they eventually start school. 

REASON 3 – It will draw you closer.

Perhaps the biggest reason to read aloud to your baby is that it really will draw you closer together. Your little one will have more time listening to your voice, learning from you, developing emotions with you. Reading will entertain and soothe your infant in a personal way that no toy or electronic device ever could.

Photo by Picsea on Unsplash