What to Do When Your Best Friend is Having a Baby

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Your bestie is having a baby. Now what? Here’s a few good ways to deal with the challenges and opportunities that your best friend having a baby creates.

1.      Try to imagine how they are feeling. When you find out your bff is having a baby, the emotions can be mixed to say the least. It’s exciting, it’s happy for your friend, but what about the friendship? Can you still be friends? Those are questions probably going through your mind. Your friend is likely to be very distracted for quite some time but remember that you are still important to them and your friendship doesn’t need to end. Try to imagine the joy and anxiety they are experiencing and help them through the process, be a true friend – one that’s there through thick and thin.

2.      Be there for your friend. It’s true that life will be busy, and tough, for your friend, but this is perhaps the time when they need you most. With the birth will come a manic rush of activity and being there at crucial times will make you the invaluable person that your friend loves, more than ever. You can offer to pick up a few bits and pieces for them when you go shopping. Another way to help is to visit midweek at a quiet time for visitors for cuddles with the little one, allowing your bestie to have a rest or get something important done. Plan a day or night out – but for a few months down the line when things have calmed down. While your friend might not be able to take it all in for the time being, they will appreciate having something a bit special down the line to look forward to.

3.      Buy them an awesome gift. It’s likely that when the baby is born your friend will receive lots of gifts, so it’s important to make sure that yours stands out. You want something to show that you, and you alone, are their best friend. You don’t have to spend a fortune, you just need something that is both thoughtful and practical. Here at Little Blooms Baby Gifts we have some great ideas that are both beautiful and invaluable to new parents. Our ‘Baby Bouquets’ combine stunning real flowers (that don’t wither thanks to a little physics wizardry!) and adorable baby clothes and accessories. With a beautiful gift, you can remind them that no matter what happens or how life changes, you are here to stay.

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash