What should I buy for a newborn baby boy?

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Having a new little bundle of joy is one of life’s most special experiences. Whether your little one is a boy or girl, you can look forward to having a new best friend for life. For new parents, having a happy and healthy baby is most important, so today we share some ideas of the important kit you need for your little boy. Of course, making sure that each of these items is adorable is essential, so we’ve helped you pick the items that will make you simply melt inside when you see him using them.

Delightful Dungarees

A style that ticks all the boxes for both cuteness and comfort, dungarees are a timeless essential for any baby boy. Dungarees have the added benefit of offering unrestricted movement for little boys who like to do a lot of kicking when they’re excited. Dungarees have another great advantage which is that they give you a lot of flexibility for dealing with different weather conditions. On warmer days, they can be worn as standalone outfits, and when the temperatures are cooler you can consider layering them over a comfy cotton top. Sorted!


Current trend: 2021 is definitely becoming the year of gender-neutral kids clothes, so dungarees are bang on trend. Combine with bright t-shirts for the perfect playful summer look.

Playful Polos

Polo shirts have been fashionable for the best part of the last two centuries, originally worn by the British upper classes for outdoor sports. With a myriad of styles available, polo shirts are the perfect way to make your little boy look both cultured and sporty from the get-go. Polo shirts are also designed to be a little bit more rugged than a lot of other styles, so are generally easy to clean and durable. 


Current trend: The big trends for baby boy polo shirts right now are stripes, nautical themes, and tropical plants. Look for these patterns on your polos for the ultimate fashionista baby look. 

Funky Formalwear

Here in Britain all men like to think of themselves as gentlemen so why not start at birth? While baby casualwear is of course adorable, nothing can compare with the overwhelming cuteness of a baby boy in a little suit. It’s easy to always focus on either practicality or looks when it comes to baby clothes, but it is perfectly possible to pull off the baby 007 look without comprising on practicality. Bowties can be majorly irritating to baby boys so best avoid until they are a bit bigger. Also avoid really heavy items and ensure all formal items are lined with soft materials. There’s some great waistcoat or tuxedo options out there, as well as some super funky bodysuit, shorts and socks co-ord outfits that are sure to steal the show.


Current trend: This year has seen a big trend toward the ‘family’ look, where family members coordinate and wear similar outfits. This can work really well with formalwear for your little one, a matching baby boy and daddy tux combo, for example, is a guaranteed hit with friends, family and of course, Instagram.  

Beautiful Blankets

We all love to dress our little ones in the most gorgeous outfits, but unfortunately, a lot of the time these are obscured under huge blankets. Of course, cuddly blankets can be adorable in their own right, but there’s no reason why your blankets can’t be both functional and fashionable. To find the perfect blanket, first determine the setting and use for your blanket. If it’s a swaddling or sleeping blanket then you’ll be looking for something that’s soft, thin and breathable. Once you’ve determined the use for it then do a little searching online. Many great blankets are available in beautiful designs so a little research can go a long way to making sure your blanket is not just usable, but also beautiful.


Current trend: In terms of design and colours, baby blankets are currently following the same trends for design to baby clothes: bright colours, stripes and tropical plant prints are really popular. To find the hottest trends, we suggest checking out brands like Ted Baker for the latest and coolest blankets.