Three Baby Must-Haves

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Having a baby means you will need a massive amount of things which you have likely never bought before in your life. There are many useful articles and guides online which help, but today we would like to highlight three must-haves for all new parents and share a few tips!

1.      Rompers and body suits. These baby clothes are essentially soft pyjama-like garments which are great for all daily activities such as sleeping and playing. While definitions vary, generally rompers cover the arms and legs while the body suit just covers the torso, they also have zips or snaps around the crotch area allowing easy access for nappy changes. Ideally you want breathable organic cotton that is soft and helps avoid the little one overheating. Babies need quite a lot of cleaning so clothes can get dirty quickly, make sure you have enough rompers and body suits to last a good couple of days, we recommend at least 10. It is also best to ensure you have clothes prepared in the next size up because babies really grow fast!

Photo by Irina Murza on Unsplash

2.      Socks and booties. Before your baby is mobile, footwear is not likely to be completely essential (especially in summer), so initially having suitable socks is far more important. However, at colder times of year, booties can be very useful in keeping those little feet and toes warm, and also makes for an irresistibly cute look! Remember to avoid hard-soled shoes for around the first year, because these shoes can interfere with your baby’s development.

3.      Lots and lots of bibs. Through all phases of “babyhood” you can expect plenty of dribbles and mess, especially after feeds or when your baby is teething. So although some parents assume that they only really need bibs for when the baby is eating solids, bibs are actually always needed. Bibs are great because it shields the rest of the clothes from unnecessary mess and protects tired parents from unnecessary washes of clothes! Bibs are generally inexpensive and easy to clean, so will really help reduce the work involved in keeping your baby clean. Just remember that you will need a very large quantity of bibs, because they are going to be used well! Always remember to take the bib off when your baby goes to sleep, as anything left around their neck could present a safety hazard.

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