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One of the most surprising things you’ll learn when you have a baby is how many different types of bibs there are — and how many you’ll end up using! Whether feeding, drinking or eating or playing babies seem to enjoy making messes that require frequent outfit changes unless that is your a parent equipped with the best bibs!


This month we’ve been highlighting our dribbler baby gift set, with its rattle for chewing, multiple cloths for wiping and of course the bibs! If the baby is a dribbler then this is the perfect gift set for them. We mentioned above though that bibs come in many shapes and sizes. Why? Which one is the best? Let’s help you sort out the silicone from the cotton and the washable to the impractical! These are the things to look for in a subject you never knew you needed to learn about… until the baby came!

Why use bibs?

Ask any experienced parent and they will tell you a good bib is as essential as nappies and nap time! Bibs can be used to mop up messes from mealtimes, teething, drooling and more. They also help keep other outfits free from stains and dirt. This keeps your baby looking lovely and gives others the impression you’re on top of your parenting A-game! Which we know you all are!

What different types of bibs are there?

Where to start, there are tea time bibs, dress bibs, holiday bibs, best baby bibs, favourite grandchild bibs, but before we get carried away with silly names lets round of some of the most useful ones, scroll right down to see pictures and get links to our suggestions…

COTTON BIBS: It’s in the name, bibs made of 100{226524ae3ad3992759beaf6e4c3a0e8b5a3d3506d10b9112f22b774c85a79885} pure cotton, durable and long-lasting, they are great for any occasion and can be washed and re-used! With many patterns and styles available there is bound to be one to suit your baby’s unique look. Of course, our favourite is our own Little Blooms Baby Bib, our dinosaur patterns are our most popular!

SILICONE BIBS: Made of wipe-clean silicone these bibs often come with a handy pouch shape to catch any escaping morsels of food at feeding time, they are re-usable and easy to keep clean, perfect for dinner time but not so great outside of the kitchen, our favourite is the KIDLY. With its pouched shape and adjustable size its a great buy.

TEETHING BIBS: A combination of material and silicone these bibs catch all the dribbles associated with teething but also have a great chewable end to keep baby occupied in this noisy time! Our favourite comes from JoJo Mama Bebe, they have some fantastic patterns and great reviews!

BANDANA BIBS: put it well…. What makes them so great? The scarves do an excellent job of absorbing spit, which is ideal once teething time arrives. The two different back snaps let you choose the neck size that best fits your kid, plus they come in a bunch of stylish patterns. Our top choice comes from We loved the coastal colours!

SLEEVED BIBS: These clever creations are perfect for mealtimes or play, they keep not just the clothes covered but also the arms and don’t easily fall off. Not the best overall but hugely practical when the need arises.

When can babies start wearing bibs?

What a great question, we scoured the web and found the best answer from, they said:

Some people only have their babies wear bibs when they’re eating or drinking. Some parents have their babies wear them during all their waking hours, especially if they are really prolific in the drool department. Your baby should never sleep with a bib on due to suffocation and strangulation risks. No one knows your baby better than you do – you’ll be able to make a sound judgment just by gauging how dry their shirts stay when not wearing one.


So to sum up, you know what your baby is like so make the choice that’s best for you and baby, make sure that whatever you choose the baby is safe and comfortable!

The Best Baby Bibs

Washable, reusable, good fastening, and of course stylish are all things to look for in a baby bib, and while some of our competitors have great designs we encourage you to look no further than little blooms own bib selection. This month we are focusing on our Dribbler gift set, with two of our signature bibs in the gift box it’s the perfect new baby gift. Made of strong, durable and of course, super soft 100{226524ae3ad3992759beaf6e4c3a0e8b5a3d3506d10b9112f22b774c85a79885} organic cotton Little Blooms Baby Gifts Bibs are our top pick for an all-rounder.