Summer is Here!

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Whether the weather wants to agree or not, we now find ourselves in the middle of British Summertime! How many BBQ’s and picnics have you had so far this year? Here at Little Blooms we’ve had some very fun outings (in small groups, of course) and hoping for a fun-filled summer!


Many British people have skin that burns easily, which means having to be careful to stay in the shade and always have high factor sun cream close at hand. If you’re one of the blessed few who have skin that can take the sunshine (and even get a gorgeous tan rather than becoming a human lobster) … ok, we’re jealous.


Nevertheless, regardless of how well we can or can’t take the sun, it’s widely accepted that babies and young children need to be especially cautious of it. It’s generally accepted that tiny babies should be kept out of direct sunlight completely – although natural light is still important for their melatonin (sleep hormone) production. From 6 months on, many say it’s ok to get a bit of sun but sticking to shadier areas and making good use of sun cream is still a good idea.


To keep them safe from sun stroke, keep your baby in soft breathable fabrics like cotton and if there’s likely to be some direct sunlight, wearing hats will provide their head and face with some shade. . At Little Blooms, we have just the thing! All our baby clothes are made from high quality, 100{226524ae3ad3992759beaf6e4c3a0e8b5a3d3506d10b9112f22b774c85a79885} organic cotton, coming in a super cute colour co-ordinated dinosaur print. Head to our online shop now, to check out our super cute short sleeved baby body suits, long sleeved rompers and matching baby hats. Now we’re all off to the beach…