5 Things Every Baby Needs to Have on Holiday

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Travelling with a young baby does come its challenges, but by remembering just a few important items (in addition to the essentials), you will find the holiday becomes much more enjoyable. Here are our suggestions:

  1. A stroller/pushchair. Any trip will involve some level of walking, and certainly if travelling through an airport then you will find carrying your baby can be a challenge while juggling passports, hand-luggage, food and more. A stroller provides an easy transport for your little one and will keep them comfortable through any long walks you may have. Many airlines allow you to check strollers in free of charge at the departure gate and collect them when you step off the plane, for maximum convenience. (Though always best to check your own airline’s policy in advance.)
  2. A new toy for the journey. No matter whether you’re travelling in the car, taking a flight or using any other form of transport, keeping your baby amused can be a challenge. Parents have the stress of managing their little ones, and if there are other passengers around, not wanting to disturb them can be an added pressure. One solution that will make any journey more pleasant is a new toy just for the holiday. Go for quiet toys that won’t drive you mad after 100 presses or music repetitions; baby rattles can be just the thing. For added effect, you could reserve the new toy just for the journey so that your little one will have maximum interest in it, you may be surprised just how long they are willing to play with it.
  3. Disposable bibs. Pre-folded and designed to save you the hassle of washing bibs on a daily basis, these can really be a huge time saver.
  4. A swim float. If you’re going somewhere hot with a swimming pool or beach access, you’ll want to be in the water, but it’s easy to forget about swimming clothes and toys for your baby. Swim floats are great fun and there are loads of great options designed just for babies, allowing you more time in the pool.
  5. Something from home. Babies can find the new surroundings of holiday accommodation overwhelming, with new lights, smells, and sounds. What many parents have found to be really helpful is something familiar from home, maybe it’s a favourite blanket, a teddy or the toy that plays the music baby so enjoys. The familiarity will help them feel at ease and help everyone get a good night’s sleep.

    Happy holidays everyone!